Renee Ellis MUSIC

Renee Ellis is a gifted singer and songwriter whose music is a diverse and eclectic reflection of her life’s journeys and inspirations.

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi and raised in Seattle, Washington Renee Ellis began her musical journey singing in her local Christian fellowship where her love of Christ and reverence for God was cultivated.  Inspired by several brilliant genres of music ranging from Acapella to Zydeco and all areas in between, Renee Ellis has developed an appetite for music that is extremely eclectic, uplifting and engaging. 

Renee is an experienced performer with an amazing gift of vocal power and presence! Audiences at a Renee Ellis concert hear first-hand what it feels like to be captivated and freed. Uplifting and engaging hardly describes Renee’s presence on and off the stage. You are sure to be blown away! 


The variety of each melodic track tugs at your every emotion.  The diversity of Winner formulates a blend that will make you dance, pray, sing and shout all in one session. 

The album kicks off with a tribute to family, friends and supporters through an up-tempo out of your seat song entitled “Grateful” The next song, “You Don’t Know” is a pop infused, heart pounding, deep seeded testament that God can bring you through any circumstance.  What follows is a classic Neo-groove about the perfect life partner, “Best Friend”. The project then draws you in with the sweet melody “Blessed and Highly Favored” a song to reminds us we are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation and that we are indeed favored. 

Renee Ellis – Winner has an internationally enthused reggae/samba infused tune, “People Say Yeah,” a song that has quickly become popular with dance and Zumba instructors.  It is followed by a thought provoking spoken word original, “Who Told You That” which speaks to the power that words, both positive and negative have in our lives.  Then there’s the title track, “Winner”, said to be a new world anthem, which directly encourages the champion inside of each of us. The next song “Touch the Hem” is the coolest invitation to Christ ever heard which swings you right into the delightful retro cut, “Happy Things” that’ll keep you moving throughout your day. 

Renee Ellis – Winner has the revolutionary original spoken word piece “Diversity of Change”, a heart-felt skit, “Not My Baby” that speaks of the realities of losing a child through the senselessness of crime. Then, “Change” a head bobbing, hip hop track addresses major areas in society where change could happen if positive choices were made.  The ballad ”More of You” is a personal prayer that will draw the listener closer to God and “You Are” will escort you into worship as it depicts all that God is in our lives.  The last song on the album, “We Give You Praise” is an explosive celebration that will leave you riding on the waves of sincere, unlimited praise. 

Simply put, Renee Ellis – Winner is the epitome of GREAT MUSIC! Each song truly captivates the heart of the listener inducing a musical matrimony.  This power packed project is sure to dominate on the gospel/christian music scene. Listen to the album here.