1. What does it cost to book Renee Ellis?
Each event is different. We will contact you promptly after you have filled out the booking page.

2. What is the minimum amount of people that we need to have Renee Ellis come to our event?
There is no minimum amount. We hope that you are able to gather as many people as possible. 

3. Will Renee perform at corporate events, festivals, weddings, birthday events, etc.?
Renee considers all requests. Please complete a booking requestYou will be promptly contacted by a member of Renee’s team.  

4. Can I schedule Renee Ellis radio interview(s) or in-store signings the day of the show?
Absolutely! We encourage you to have several promotional/meet and greet opportunities in place. This is a great way of marketing your event.  All times/locations of interview, appearances, etc. must be outlined in the contract agreement.

5. Can I make my own promotional materials for my event?
No.  We request that you utilize the promotional materials (bio, pics, video footage, etc.) provided by the Renee Ellis media/marketing team.

6. How long will Renee perform/present, etc.?
Renee will speak/perform/present in accordance to the written contract agreement.

7. Does Renee personally communicate with her fans, supporters and partners? If so, how do I contact Renee?
The best way is to contact Renee by email or via facebook.

8. Does Renee write, record or feature on other artist projects or singles?
Yes, Renee collaborates with other artists.  Please complete a request the booking page. You will be promptly contacted by a member of Renee’s team.

9. What is the sizing information for t-shirts?

Size Width Length
S 36" 28"
M 40" 29"
L 44" 30"
XL 48" 31"
XXL 52" 32"
XXXL 56" 33"