choosing how our input creates empowerment,

a daring journey

Founded by James D. Laury, with the belief that in life we have C.H.O.I.C.E, and we can each Choose How Our Input Creates Empowerment,” CHOICE VENTURES permeates the world with the good news of Jesus Christ through Musical Evangelism and Activism. CHOICE VENTURES was birthed to create, serve and support positive opportunities for all people.

James Laury embarked upon the daring journey of marketing and promotions early on in his life and currently under the  CHOICE umbrella, James manages all of the marketing and promotions for CHOICE Music.  As the Executive producer, writer and arranger of the Winner project, James serves as more than a founding partner, but an advocate, musical mentor and friend. 

Look for James state to state sharing good music, good news, great smiles and kind words!